Believe it! (kittycat_black) wrote in ocularxs,
Believe it!

Jewellery Competition!

Win free Jewellery!
1 in 7 chance of winning right now!

So far we've only got 7 entrants in the current Kittycat Black jewellery competition over on our facebook page. Add us over there and comment to go in the random draw for the jewellery piece of your choice from our current catalog...

click here...

  • Monster Girl!

    Monster Girl 1c auction on eBay! Also click here to add me on Facebook and enter my regular jewelery contests...…

  • Jewellery Contest!

    Win free Jewellery! No entries yet! Come and add us on Facebook and enter the jewellery contest now on... click here...…

  • Geisha Scorned

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share my latest art piece with you. Geisha Scorned Hope you like!

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